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Welcome to 3PointTurn, a driver-safety podcast presented by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles and the Florida Highway Patrol. In promotion of “A Safer Florida,” FLHSMV offers this educational series as a supplement to the Florida Driver License Handbook.

We want our novice and teen drivers to study the handbook and learn as much as possible about how to operate safely and effectively on Florida’s roads. And FLHSMV and FHP believe a driver of any level can benefit from discussion of the topics presented in 3PointTurn.

We hope this 3PointTurn podcast series, involving knowledgeable and experienced FHP troopers, can better illustrate and analyze broad topics and finer nuances of the handbook, and, ideally, better prepare drivers for situations they will likely face during their lifetime.

Please listen to 3PointTurn below, on Apple or Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.


Intro: Welcome to 3PointTurn

As the 3PointTeam aims to “Discover. Debate. Drive.” surrounding a variety of subjects, please use our website to peruse our resources and acquire more specific information on the topics presented in this podcast series.



Ep. 1: Personal Responsibility

The FLHSMV team helps new and teen drivers prepare for the freedom and privilege of driving by looking at aspects of personal responsibility. They talk about individual maturity, how to operate a vehicle, and discuss the roads on which drivers will travel.

RESOURCES: Licensing Requirements for Teens, Graduated Driver License Laws and Driving Curfews
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 2: Driving Safety

The FLHSMV team chats about elements of driving safety and interactions with other drivers. They define right-of-way, provide a look at roundabouts and intersections, and talk about how to navigate common traffic situations properly.

RESOURCES: Federal Highway Administration – Intersection Safety
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 3: Arrive Alive

The FLHSMV team provides understanding of how to Arrive Alive when heading out for short or long drives. They break down the dangers of speeding and passing vehicles, and showcase the practice needed to park safely and effectively.

RESOURCES: Arrive Alive and The RIGHT Lane
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 4: Stay at the Scene

The FLHSMV team looks at the importance of staying at the scene of a crash or roadside breakdown. In this discussion, they highlight what to do if involved in a crash, the penalties of hit-and-run crashes, and how to handle unexpected mechanical emergencies.

RESOURCES: Hit and Run Awareness
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 5: Move Over

The FLHSMV team talks about Florida’s Move Over Law and the aspects of protecting people and vehicles pulled over on the side of the road. They define the law and the vehicles protected by the law, plus look at the real-life impact of failing to move over.

RESOURCES: Move Over, Florida
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 6: Choice vs. Consequence

The FLHSMV team provides meaningful dialogue on the dangers of poor choices and the consequences from improper decision-making while driving. They discuss driving while impaired, speeding, and distracted driving as primary instances where wrong decisions can present major repercussions.

RESOURCES: Impaired Driving and Teen Drivers
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 7: Strange Situations

The FLHSMV team chats about strange situations encountered while driving. Some of the less-than-optimal conditions discussed are driving at night, inclement weather on roadways, and encountering animals and wildlife.

RESOURCES: Drowsy Driving and Inclement Weather
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 8: Safe Holiday Travel

The FLHSMV team provides information on how to be safe while driving longer distances during periods of sustained travel, such as holidays and vacations. They tackle tire care, preventive vehicle maintenance, and drowsy driving.

RESOURCES: Holiday Travel and Safe Summer Travel
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 9: Share The Road

The FLHSMV team discusses its Share The Road safety campaign and how to operate on roads alongside commercial motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles. They look at large trucks’ no-zone and the importance of looking twice for hard-to-see two-wheeled vehicles.

RESOURCES: Share the Road
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 10: Safety in Zones

The FLHSMV team chats about safety in various zones encountered while driving. This discussion involves school zones and school bus safety, crossing zones and intersections where pedestrians may be active, and construction zones where workers may or may not be present.

RESOURCES: School Bus Safety and Distracted Driving
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 11: Defensive Driving

The FLHSMV team helps drivers prepare for dangerous situations and crashes with a look at defensive driving. They outline safety-first thought processes, how to minimize damage in a crash, and the dangers of overcorrection when a vehicle travels off the road.

RESOURCES: Defensive Driving
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español


Ep. 12: Get on the Road

The FLHSMV team helps drivers get on the road and stay there with a look at driver licenses, insurance coverage, and vehicle registration. They break down the requirements and need for each, the importance of those aspects, and what to do when pulled over during a traffic stop.

RESOURCES: Licensing Requirements for Teens, Graduated Driver License Laws and Driving Curfews and Insurance and Motor Vehicle Registrations
TRANSCRIPT: English | Español