Florida Insurance Requirements

Received a Letter

All licensed insurance companies who report to FLHSMV provide the policy initiation or cancellation electronically.

If your insurance company notifies us that you cancelled a policy, and no other active policy is reported by another insurance company, the department sends a letter notifying you to provide the required insurance coverage information. You may also receive a letter from FLHSMV to verify your insurance as a result of a crash.

If you no longer own the vehicle and the Florida tag and registration is valid, you must surrender the Florida tags and registration immediately upon cancelling the Florida insurance at a driver license and motor vehicle service center or tax collector office.

If you have received a Notice of Suspension regarding an insurance case, the links below will provide information on how to keep your license valid. Your letter will have a number at the bottom right hand corner called the ‘FR Sanction’ number. The first digit in this number tells you what kind of case you have. Click the link that matches the number of your case.

FR Sanction Starting with 1FR Sanction Number Starting with 2: Driving Without Proof of Insurance
FR Sanction Starting with 7FR Sanction Starting with 8
FR Sanction Starting with 9