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Child Safety Awareness Month - Buckle Up to Arrive Alive

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The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles is committed to highway safety, including our most precious cargo, our children. We’ve created resources for you, your children and all motorists to increase everyone’s child safety awareness, as a driver or whenever around vehicles.

On these webpages, you will find information about occupant protection and proper seat restraints, safety in and around school zones and school buses, bicycle and pedestrian safety, preventing child heatstroke in cars and driveway safety and new teen driver safety. At the bottom of each page, you will find more resources such as handouts for adults and children and other useful videos.

Please be sure to read through and share these resources to help ensure the safety of Florida’s children.

Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety

As school starts again, there will be more children walking or biking to and from school, as well as in neighborhood or parks.

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Car and Driveway Safety

From heat stroke prevention to driveway safety, all motorists and children should learn about how to stay safe in and around cars.

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Child Safety Awareness Campaign Resources

Click for the Child Safety Awareness campaign social media kit, print media kit, data and more!

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Safety Belts and Child Restraints

A seat belt or child restraint is a vehicle’s most important safety feature, but only works if they are used and used correctly, every time.

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School Bus Safety

Safety on and around school buses is important for everyone to know, from parents and children to motorists that will drive through school zones and around school buses.

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Teen Driver Safety

Whether you are getting a license for the first time, or a parent of a teen about to hit the road, learn about safe driving practices and how to go from a learner’s license to driver license make sure teen drivers are set up for success.

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