Motorcycle Rider Education & Endorsements


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RiderCoach Mentor Form

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77079) – Fillable Form

RiderCoach Intern Form

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77078) – Fillable Form

RiderCoach Personal Information & Qualifications

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77122) – Fillable Form

Chapter 15A-12, Florida Administrative Code

Administrative Rule providing information regarding requirements of sponsors and RiderCoaches as they pertain to DHSMV/FRTP oversight and regulatory authority. See also section 322.0255, Florida Statutes, establishing the motorcycle program.

Curricular Offerings – Req. for RERP Sponsors

Many of MSF’s curricula offerings require additional training for RiderCoaches and special recognition for ranges, including those ranges already approved for the  BRC/ERC. RERP Sponsors interested in providing additional MSF RiderCourses should review the checklist below before implementing a new course. For any course not listed below, contact MSF for course requirements.

RiderCoach Apprentice Program Application (RCAP)

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77058) – Fillable Form

FRTP Rules of Professional Conduct

Fillable form that must be completed by potential and active FRTP Recognized RiderCoaches on an annual basis.

Section 322.0255 Florida Statutes

Florida Statutes; law establishing a motorcycle program; also see Chapter 15A-12, Florida Administrative Code.

FRTP Quality Assurance Audit Form

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 92786) – This form will be used by FRTP Regional Coordinators when conducting FRTP Quality Assurance Visits.

FRTP Regional Coordinators & Contact Information

Revised 2/2018 – FRTP Regional Coordinator Map with contact Information

FRTP Sponsor Information Update Form

Fillable Form – for use to notify FRTP of change of address, contact information, phone number, etc.