Motorcycle Rider Education & Endorsements


RiderCoach Mentor Form

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77079) – Fillable Form

RiderCoach Intern Form

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77078) – Fillable Form

RiderCoach Personal Information & Qualifications

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77122) – Fillable Form

Chapter 15A-12, Florida Administrative Code

Administrative Rule providing information regarding requirements of sponsors and RiderCoaches as they pertain to FLHSMV/FRTP oversight and regulatory authority. See also section 322.0255, Florida Statutes, establishing the motorcycle program.

Curricula Offerings – Requirements for Rider Education Responsibility Program Sponsors

Many of MSF’s curricula offerings require additional training for RiderCoaches and special recognition for ranges, including those ranges already approved for the  BRC/ERC. RERP Sponsors interested in providing additional MSF RiderCourses should contact the Florida Rider Training Program before implementing a new course. For any course not listed below, contact MSF for course requirements.

RiderCoach Apprentice Program Application (RCAP)

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 77058) – Fillable Form

FRTP Rules of Professional Conduct

Fillable form that must be completed by potential and active FRTP Recognized RiderCoaches on an annual basis.

Section 322.0255 Florida Statutes

Florida Statutes which establish a motorcycle program in Florida; also see Chapter 15A-12, Florida Administrative Code.

FRTP Quality Assurance Audit Form

Per Chapter 15A-12, F.A.C. (HSMV 92786) – This form will be used by FRTP Regional Coordinators when conducting FRTP Quality Assurance Visits.

FRTP Sponsor Information Update Form

Fillable Form – for use to notify FRTP of change of address, contact information, phone number, etc.