Motorcycle Rider Education & Endorsements

So You Want to Be a RiderCoach

Below are the steps to become a Florida Rider Training Program (FRTP) RiderCoach.

  1. See our Safety Course Locations to locate a course provider (also known as Sponsors).
  2. Contact a Sponsor.
  3. You must be sponsored by a course Sponsor to become a RiderCoach.
  4. Acquire a RiderCoach Apprentice Program (RCAP) Application from the Sponsor and complete the following prerequisites:
    • Complete the Basic Rider Course (BRC) and submit a photo copy of the course completion card.
    • Obtain your driving history.
    • Submit the RCAP Application with above mentioned supporting documentation to the address on the RCAP application.
  5. When the RCAP application is approved, RCAP materials will be sent with further requirements that must be completed prior to scheduling you into a RiderCoach Preparation course.
  6. When you have completed the RCAP requirements, e-mail or mail the RCAP materials to the address on the RCAP application.
  7. Upon receipt by FRTP of your completed RCAP materials, you will be scheduled for a RiderCoach Preparation Course (RCP).
  8. Upon successful completion of the RCP, you will be a recognized FRTP RiderCoach and be certified by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. You will receive a RiderCoach identification card from MSF.