Correct use of a disabled    
parking permit.    

1. Hang permit on your rearview mirror.

2. Hang permit so expiration date can be seen.

3. Have permit registration with you at all times.

4. make sure permit is not expired.

5. Park properly in disabled space.

6. Remove permit before driving.

7. Get permit replaced immediately if lost.

8. Return permit to DMV if permit is no longer   needed.


10. Be courteous to police or parking official.

Incorrect use/abuse of a disabled parking permit.

1. Don't use someone else's permit (including relative).

2. Don't park in Access Aisle (Stripped Area). Fine for parking in Access Aisle is $250.00 even with a permit.

3. Don't drive with permit hanging on rearview mirror.

4. Don't use expired permit.

5. Don't put permit on dash with expiration date covered up.

6. Don't let anyone else use your permit including close family members and relatives.

(Permits are registered one permit per name. Permit registered to person not vehicle).

**Not a full set of rules and regulations. Please see Florida State Statutes
316 and 320 for specific laws pertaining to parking.