Disabled Person Parking Permits

Permanent Disabled Person Parking Permits

Persons with long-term mobility impairments, or who are certified as legally blind, may receive a permanent disabled person parking permit valid for four years. There is no fee for this parking permit.

A secondary parking permit may be issued to those persons who are certified as quadriplegic, or are frequent travelers, as certified on form HSMV 83039. Frequent travelers must indicate on the application form that they frequently travel by plane, train, bus or vessel and need one permit to park their vehicle at the place of departure and another one to use at their destination. Secondary permits expire on the same date as the initial permit, regardless of their issuance date.

To obtain a permanent disabled persons parking permit, Florida residents must submit the following documents in-person or by mail to a motor vehicle service center:

  1. A completed disabled person parking permit application, HSMV 83039;
  2. Proof of the disability, as indicated on form HSMV 83039, along with a certifying authority’s Statement of Certification and signature (see below for a list of approved certifying authorities); and
  3. Driver license or ID card. In cases where the severity of the disability prevents a disabled person from physically visiting or being transported to a motor vehicle service center to obtain a driver license or ID card, a certifying physician may sign and complete the exemption section on form HSMV 83146 to exempt the disabled person from having a driver license or ID card number displayed on the parking permit.
  4. Veterans previously evaluated and certified by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs or any branch of the U.S. Armed Forces as permanently and totally disabled from a service-connected disability may provide a Form Letter 27-333, or its equivalent, in lieu of a certificate of disability. The letter must be issued within 12 months of applying for disabled person parking permit.

Renewing or replacing a permanent disabled person parking permit:

The permanent disabled person parking permit must be renewed every four years before the permit holder’s birthday. Customers issued a permanent disabled person parking permit, will receive a renewal notice prior to the permit expiring.

An individual renewing or replacing their disabled person parking permit must provide form HSMV 83039, Application For Disabled Person Parking Permit, completed and signed by a certifying authority (see below for a list of approved certifiying authorities). The certifying authority must sign within 12 months prior to submitting the the application.

If you are replacing a permit that has been reported lost or stolen, you must submit form HSMV 83146, Application for Replacement License Plate, Validation Decal or Parking Permit to a motor vehicle service center.

Certifying medical authorities include:

  • A physician licensed under Chapter 458, Chapter 459 or Chapter 460;
  • A podiatric physician licensed under Chapter 461;
  • An optometrist licensed under Chapter 463;
  • An advanced practice registered nurse licensed under Chapter 464, under the protocol of a licensed physician as stated above;
  • A physician assistant licensed under Chapter 458 or Chapter 459; or
  • A similarly licensed physician from another state if the application is accompanied by documentation of the physician’s licensure in the other state and a form HSMV 83039 is signed by the out-of-state physician verifying his or her knowledge of this state’s eligibility guidelines.


Wheelchair License Plates

Persons with long-term mobility impairments, or who are certified by an optometrist as legally blind, may request a wheelchair license plate be issued to a motor vehicle registered in their name, as an owner or co-owner, in lieu of receiving a permanent disabled person parking permit.  Wheelchair license plates must be renewed yearly and the long-term impairment must be proved every four years. For more information click here. A license plate fee of $28 and any applicable registration fees apply.