International Registration Plan

Renewal Instructions

Approximately three months before the expiration of the registrant’s tag(s), the Florida Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services (Bureau) will mail all active registrants a courtesy postcard reminder and email a renewal packet. The renewal packet contains a brief Renewal Notice that includes an online link to detailed renewal instructions and a computer-generated Renewal Form that has pre-populated carrier and vehicle information from the carrier’s account. Account information will be “current” as of the date the renewal form was created, so it will be necessary to update the form with all changes that need to be made for the upcoming registration year. Mileage information is required for the reporting period that corresponds to the registration year, to calculate renewal fees. Due to the high volume of renewals and other transactions handled each month, carriers are encouraged to begin the renewal process as soon as they receive this packet. They are also encouraged to renew online, using the renewal package for reference. When renewing online, there is no need to mail an application and all the supporting documents can be submitted via the online system with the exception of notarized documents. Originals of notarized documents must be received in the Bureau as copies of notarized documents cannot be accepted.

Carefully review all renewal instructions

Regardless of the method used use to submit a renewal, be sure to refer to current year IRP Renewal Instructions.



As indicated above, carriers may begin the renewal process up to three months prior to the expiration of their registration. It may be helpful to keep in mind that renewing early and receiving an invoice early does NOT mean that payment is immediately due. Instead, having a bill in hand is a way of confirming that your credentials are ready to issue as soon as payment has been made and posted. Carriers should consider how long they expect it to take for their new tags and cab cards to reach their location once shipped, and how long it will take to get them on their registered vehicles before the current tags expire. This information can help them determine how long they have before they should make payment. Here are some other tips for keeping IRP renewal on track:

Carefully review all renewal instructions

Regardless of the method used use to submit a renewal, be sure to refer to current year IRP Renewal Instructions.

This document may be previewed at any time, as preparation. The instructions detail all the steps in the renewal process, the carrier and vehicle information that will need to be re-verified through supporting documentation, and the types of documents (proof) that the Bureau can accept. Avoiding mistakes will lessen the chance that the renewal transaction will be delayed because the Bureau needs additional information from the carrier.

Check the pre-populated information on the renewal form for accuracy and completeness

Gather and submit the appropriate supporting documents

The following must be provided every time you renew:

  • Proof of current insurance coverage in the applicable amounts
  • Proof of current payment of the federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax

The following may be needed, depending on your operations:

  • If you are adding vehicles to your registration, or you have an existing vehicle that does not have a current Florida title, proof of vehicle ownership.
  • If you still have or are adding vehicles with an outstanding lien, a current statement from the lienholder (on the lienholder’s stationary) indicating there is still an outstanding lien and that title will not be released until this lien is satisfied.
  • If you do not own your registered vehicles and/or the insurance is in the name of another party, proof of a current lease arrangement.
  • If your renewal includes a change in your Florida physical location address, proof that your current established business or place of residence meets the IRP criteria.

Respond promptly to requests for missing information or documents

Pay your invoice in time for credentials to be shipped before your tags expire

Note: First time renewals require payment with guaranteed funds. The Bureau cannot accept a check from a personal or a business account. Acceptable forms of payment include a cashier’s check, a money order, or a credit card.



Using the State of Florida’s Interstate Carrier Filing System (ICFS) online system can be the fastest way to renew an IRP registration. All information is entered online and the required supporting documents can be uploaded into the system with the exception of notarized documents. All notarized originals must be sent to the Bureau as copies are not acceptable. Scanned documents must be legible. The system is available around the clock. Generally, the Bureau can review the online renewal request more efficiently, and if there is no missing information or documentation, the carrier can be quickly notified by email when the renewal is approved and is ready for payment.

Once the original IRP account is created, all carriers will receive an online username and password. Carriers may go online to the ICFS E-File login page to renew and update their account. The following are tips for renewing online:

Download the E-Filing Quick Reference Guide for IRP Renewals

Review our documentation for technical assistance on completing the renewal process online.

Make legible scanned copies of all supporting documents required for renewal

If the scanned copy is low quality and not suitable for reviewing or filing in the account, another copy will be required. Avoid delays by taking precautions when scanning. PDF format is preferred.

Be prompt when emailing supporting documents

When emailing, always place the Account Number and Account Name in the subject line of the email. (This makes it easier to locate an inquiry.)

Monitor email for further instructions or log on to E-File to check status

Once the renewal has been reviewed and approved, it will be ready for payment.

Pay online

As soon as the IRP renewal has been billed, ICFS users have the option to make an electronic payment. This option allows for payment by credit card or bank draft.

ICFS users may request faster delivery of their credentials (via Federal Express) by going to and creating their own pre-paid mailing label. Once this label is created, it can be forwarded to with the following three pieces of information on the subject line of the email: (1) Account Name, (2) Account Number, and the words (3) “FEDEX Label”.

Note: Sending credentials via FEDEX is a courtesy; if credentials cannot be shipped the same day, the customers’ FEDEX label will not be used and the Bureau will notify the customer by email.



In the online system carriers can update vehicle information, add or delete vehicles, and make other corrections. If submitting paper renewals, all entries need to be legible, complete, and the form must be signed. Use ink. NOTE: Service agent/power of attorney signatures are NOT acceptable on the renewal application.

If necessary, a blank IRP APPLICATION (HSMV 85900) may be used, marked RENEWAL. All entries need to be legible, complete, and the form must be signed. Please use ink. NOTE: Service agent/power of attorney signatures are NOT acceptable on the renewal application.

The following are tips for renewing by mail:

  • Use the following address to submit the application and all documents:

Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services
2900 Apalachee Parkway, Mail Stop 62
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-0626

  • Mark all supporting documents with the account number.
  • Ensure all photocopies of supporting documents are legible.
  • Ensure the account has a valid email address on file.

To avoid delays caused by having to be notified by mail if there are additional requirements or documents needed, a valid email address is required so that the Bureau can use to contact you quickly.

Pay the invoice to trigger release of the credentials

Registrants are emailed an invoice as soon as a complete renewal package is reviewed and approved. The fastest way to pay is online with a debit or credit card or by ACH transfer. Otherwise, payment may be made to the address above, at an IRP service center, or via telephone at (850) 617-3711 during normal business hours.



Registrants have the option of visiting an IRP service center where it may be possible to receive same day service for the renewal transaction. Go to Obtaining IRP Services – Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles for information about the private tag agencies that offer IRP renewal services. Renewing in person at the BCVDS Walk in Service Center is generally not recommended because of the high and unpredictable volume of last-minute renewal customers each month.