International Registration Plan


Instead of transacting by mail, motor carriers are encouraged to use IRP/IFTA electronic services (E-File) to complete those IRP transactions that are available online.

There are many benefits to using E-File. Required documents can be submitted automatically via email (no worries about lost or delayed mail), processing time is generally faster, and payments can be made online. Also, it provides carriers with access to current account information. In the future, more online options for IRP and IFTA online transactions will be added.

Below are the current E-File services available for IRP Transactions:

  • Renewing IRP registration
  • Transferring apportioned plates to new vehicles being added to your IRP account
  • Adding vehicle(s) to your IRP account
  • Ordering duplicate cab cards
  • Paying for online IRP Transactions

NOTE: For IRP online transactions requiring supporting documentation, email your documents promptly to Account Name and Number must appear in the Subject Line. Notarized documents must be sent via mail.

E-File users may request faster delivery of their credentials (via Federal Express) by going to and creating their own pre-paid mailing label. Once this label is created, it can be forwarded to with the following three pieces of information on the subject line of the email: (1) Account Name, (2) Account Number, and the words (3) “FEDEX Label”. Sending credentials via FEDEX is a courtesy; if credentials cannot be shipped the same day, the customers’ FEDEX label will not be used and the Bureau will notify the customer by email.

NOTE: The recommended web browser for E-file is Internet Explorer. Error messages or connectivity issues may occur through other browsers such as Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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New to E-File?
After you have opened your IRP/IFTA account you can apply to become an E-File user. If you would like to become an E-File user, you must first obtain a login identification (user ID) and a personal identification number (password). Please complete the E-File Request form and email it to

Upon receipt of the form, the Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services will mail your log on credentials and instructions for accessing the web site. Refer to the Set-Up Guides below for further assistance.

E-File Quick Reference Guides

Preview of IRP Main Menu

Renewing IRP Registration

Transferring Apportioned Plates

Adding Vehicle(s) to IRP Account

Ordering Cab Cards

Making IRP Payments Online