International Fuel Tax Agreement

Temporary Fuel Use Permits


Carriers from out of state who are operating an IFTA qualified vehicle in Florida without an IFTA license must purchase a Florida fuel use permit in order to operate in Florida. The out of state carrier must obtain the Florida fuel use permit prior to entering the state of Florida and it must remain with the vehicle while in the state.

Note: The same applies to apportionable vehicles operating with a non-IRP registration issued by another jurisdiction. The out of state carrier must obtain a Florida trip permit in order to operate in Florida. Visit our page in the IRP section more information.


Florida Temporary Fuel Use Permits

Effective October 29, 2021, carriers may purchase Florida fuel use permits online through the FLHSMV Commercial Vehicle Permit Portal. A Florida Temporary Fuel Use Permit is valid for ten (10) days and costs $45.00 each. Carriers may also contact the Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services at (850) 617-3711 weekdays from 8-4:30 to obtain a fuel use permit.


For Florida-Based Carriers

Operating in Other Jurisdictions: Florida-based carriers who need to travel in other jurisdictions with an IFTA qualified vehicle that does not currently have a Florida IFTA license nor accompanying decals must obtain a fuel use permit from each of the other jurisdictions in which they plan to travel.