International Fuel Tax Agreement

Forms and Manuals

IFTA forms may be completed electronically (PDF fillable). However, they cannot be saved online. After entering the required information, be sure to print before exiting, and then sign. Blank forms may also be printed for completion by hand. Please write legibly and use ink.

Note: Some forms must be signed by the actual carrier (account holder) and in some cases, require notarization. In all cases, forms should be completed in their entirety in order to be processed.

Unless receiving walk in services, mail all forms to the Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services at the address indicated on the document. Please enclose all required supporting documents and payment, if applicable.


IFTA Forms & Manuals

85008:  IFTA License Application (Form)

85010: IFTA Decal Re-order Form

85800:  How to Calculate the IFTA Tax Return (Manual)

85920:  IFTA Trucking (Manual)

85921:  IFTA Tax Return and Schedule 1


The following forms may be used for both IRP and IFTA.

85017: Record Keeping Agreement (Form)
85041: Change of Address (Form)
85083: E-File Request to Establish Online Account (Form)
96440: IRP/IFTA Power of Attorney and Instructions


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