International Fuel Tax Agreement

Interstate Carrier Filing System (ICFS)

Instead of transacting by mail, motor carriers are encouraged to use the IRP/IFTA Interstate Carrier Filing System (ICFS) to complete those IFTA transactions online.

There are many benefits to using ICFS. Delivery of all forms and documents is automatic (no worries about lost or delayed mail), processing time is generally faster, it accepts online payments, and it provides access to your account information, so that you can ensure it is current.

Below are ICFS services available for IFTA transactions:

Filing and paying quarterly fuel taxes

Online tax filing is the fastest and most accurate way to process your tax returns.

It is also the only method that provides real time information on the current status of your account, including past taxes still due or available tax credits. You can also retrieve copies of any tax return previously filed.

Ordering and paying for IFTA decals

This applies to registered vehicles in your IRP account.

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