International Fuel Tax Agreement

License Renewal Instructions

IFTA decals expire on December 31 of each year. Therefore, approximately two to three months before the end of the current calendar year, the Florida Bureau of Commercial Vehicle and Driver Services (Bureau) will mail all active IFTA licensees a decal reorder form with payment instructions for the new calendar year. This decal reorder form also serves as the application for renewing the IFTA license. It must be returned well before December 31 to ensure new decals are timely received.

However, before the Bureau can issue a new IFTA license, the licensee must file their third quarter tax return for the current year, make all required payments, ensure there are no delinquent tax returns from previous quarters, and be current on all past amounts due for taxes and financial penalties (if any).

Also, the Bureau cannot renew an IFTA license if the licensee has filed IFTA Tax Returns indicating ‘No Operations’ or ‘Florida Miles Only’ for three consecutive tax quarters.


Decal Reorders with IFTA Renewal

Although IFTA decals are not vehicle specific, they are account specific and are subject to regulation by the issuing jurisdiction, to ensure legal use. It should also be noted that licensees are responsible for maintaining operating records and filing taxes in Florida for all the vehicles to which they will affix the decals. Therefore, accounting for the decals is a requirement of IFTA participation.

As a general rule, the number of decals sets that may be reordered will be based on the number of registered vehicles currently in the licensee’s IRP account and/or the current number of other IFTA qualified motor vehicle(s) for which the licensee is responsible for reporting motor fuel taxes.

Licensees who operate qualified vehicles that are not part of their IRP account will be required to submit the vehicle information numbers of those qualified vehicles, in order to validate the issuance or reissuance of decals for these vehicles.

Licensees are permitted to display renewed credentials (decals) one month prior to the effective date (i.e., beginning in December). Additionally, licensees who submit their renewal request before December 31 are allowed a two-month grace period, extending through February of the next fuel tax registration year, to continue displaying the old decals.


Other IFTA Decal Reorders

As a general rule, the number of additional decal sets that may be ordered is based on proof of fleet additions (registrations and lease agreement, if applicable). Questions or concerns about complying with the IFTA decal order policy should contact the Bureau’s Customer Service line at (850) 617-3711 for guidance.