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Uniform Traffic CitationsUTC Reporting ResourcesTCATS file layoutPresentations
Court Order for Ignition InterlockICD 6.1 UTC TemplateTCATS ICD 6.0.12021 TRCC UTC Grant Workshop
Citation Transmittal Form (Fillable Form - Updated 01/10/2012)UTC Procedure ManualTCATS 6.0.1 Compliance Map 2/4/2016Boating Under the Influence (BDI) Refusals - Senate Bill 1086
Sample Citation Algorithm (Excel Format)Appendix C Control documentTCATS ICD 6.0.1 Updated Appendix D2020 TRCC UTC Grant Workshop
Florida Uniform Traffic CitationAppendix C - Uniform Traffic Citation Manual eCitation Interface Control Document 6.1How to Read a Driving Record
Florida DUI Traffic Citation2013 Red Light Camera Legislative BriefeCitation ICD 6.1 Changes2019 UTC Training Workshop Presentation
FDOT Sample Toll UTC 2012Reporting of Toll Violations, HB 1271 (06/21/2010)2011 Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) Revisions and Structure Testing
Approved eCitation VendorsRed Light Camera FTP File Format and Registration Stop Memo Changes 9/10/2014E Citation Structure Testing
Red Light Camera Proposed Notice of ViolationNew 2021 Contact for Subpoenas SignedFile Description Parking/Toll Violation/Red Light Camera 9/10/2014
Sample Citation - Red Light CameraLEA Appendix CRestriction Memo February 14, 2022
RLC Registration Stop ProceduresCriminal Financial Obligation File Layout
Request for Local Hearing FormCourt Report of Disposition
Best Practice Recommendations for Clerks of CourtBest Practice Recommendations for Law Enforcement Agencies