About Uniform Traffic Citation Programs

Quality Process Inventory (QPI) Program

The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV), the courts, and law enforcement agencies are jointly responsible to account for all uniform traffic citations (UTC) in accordance with traffic court rules and department procedures contained in the UTC Manual. To accomplish those requirements, FLHSMV established a Quality Process Inventory (QPI) Program. This program assists law enforcement agencies with the maintenance and improvement of their UTC processes. The goal of the QPI Program is to improve the accuracy and timeliness of the Uniform Traffic Citation system data, and the accuracy of the Florida driver record. FLHSMV will review any agency authorized to issue Uniform Traffic Citations at the agency’s request or the department’s discretion.

The QPI Program consists of the following:

  1. Initial Program Notification Letter

Each issuing agency receives an initial program notification letter and packet from the FLHSMV.

  1. QPI Process

The QPI process will commence with the receipt of a letter of explanation and a QPI packet from the UTC Field Manager. The letter will explain the detailed process of the QPI, the return of the QPI Survey Instrument, and scheduling of an on-site visit date with the FLHSMV Senior Liaison Officer (SLO). The QPI packet consists of the following:

a.      QPI Program notification letter

b.      QPI Survey

c.       QPI On-Site Visit Tool

d.      UTC Tracking Form and a random sampling of assigned citations (generally supplied in past 18 months)

FLHSMV will schedule the on-site visit date within 45 days from date of the letter.

  1. On-site Visit and Exit Interview

All UTC information should be ready and available to allow the FLHSMV SLO to complete the items on the QPI On-Site Visit Tool, and to record the status on all the randomly selected citations listed on the UTC Tracking Form. FLHSMV will evaluate a randomly selected sample of those citations received over the previous 18 months. Upon completion of these items, the FLHSMV SLO will conduct an exit interview with the point of contact (POC) and explain and provide a copy of the preliminary results.

  1. Final Results

The FLHSMV will send preliminary results to the Chief or Director of the issuing agency for evaluation and recording in the law enforcement agency database. FLHSMV will then send a final summary report to the issuing agency. FLHSMV will analyze the aggregate results of the QPI and will use the results to improve the statewide UTC process.

As the data and results of the QPI Program evolve, FLHSMV will initiate improvements with law enforcement agencies and other partners in the UTC system.