About Uniform Traffic Citation Programs

Instructions for Ordering Uniform Traffic Citations

Do you need more citation forms for your law enforcement agency?

The CourtAssist email address is provided to the Clerk of Courts and law enforcement agencies to request more citations and to answer questions related to FLHSMV procedures.

When requesting more citations, please include the following:

  1. Agency name;
  2. Agency’s approved point of contact  name, address and phone number;
  3. Current citation inventory on hand; and  
  4. Specific citation request;
    • E-Citations must include the following:
      1. Number of citations you are requesting
      2. Type of citations (Regular, DUI, Red Light Camera or Toll)
      3. Agency’s current e-citation vendor
    • UTC and DUI (paper) citations must include the following:
      1. Number of cartons (or books, if requesting less than 50 books)
      2. Agency approved shipping address

Note: The citation number algorithm format consists of seven characters. The first six characters will be a collection of alpha-numeric characters, generated using a base 36 conversion of a unique number held within the FLHSMV database. The seventh character will be either a P (for paper) or E (for electronic). An example of the correct format is as follows: 000001P or 000001E