About Uniform Traffic Citation Programs

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does Uniform Traffic Citation algorithm use a check digit?

    No.  The check digit has been removed from processing in the inventory system.

  • Will law enforcement agencies (LEA) be allowed to use their existing stock of citations or should they request new citation numbers?

    Yes.  The citation inventory system will be able to handle both the old citation numbers (now called legacy citations) and the new citation numbers (the new 36 base algorithm).  Therefore, LEA should conduct business as usual and request new citations only when needed.

  • How are the citation numbers provided to the LEA?

    Citation numbers in Consolas font are distributed via a spreadsheet. This allows the user to upload the citations into their records management system directly or they can copy and paste the beginning and ending number and allow their system to calculate the numbers in between.  

  • Can the citations be converted to base ten numbers to meet requirements of some records management systems?

    Yes.  Citation assignments are provided in the base 36 format; however, you may convert these to base ten for record keeping purposes. Citations issued to the violator and delivered to the Clerk of Courts must be in the base 36 algorithm format.

  • Where can we find a sample of the citation assignment spreadsheet?

    A sample spreadsheet is included in the forms and resources section. Citation assignment requests of less than 60,000 numbers will be available in an excel format.