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If you have information on a hit and run crash vehicle and/or driver, you can report it anonymously to Crime Stoppers.


December 5, 2016
Southboud Turnpike North of Boyton Beach Boulevard
Case# FHPK16OFF080855

Vehicle 2 (V02) and Vehicle 1 (V01) were both traveling southbound on SR-91 (Florida Turnpike), north of SR-804 (Boynton Beach Blvd.) V02 was traveling in the outside Sun Pass lane, V01 was traveling in the outside Sun Pass lane. V02 was slightly ahead of V01. Driver of V02 stated “A silver color vehicle hit me and caused me to spin out”. V02 lost control and as a result V02’s front bumper collided with the guardrail on the right shoulder. V02 had recent tire rub marks on the right driver’s door consistent with being sideswiped. V02 was moved to the right shoulder after my arrival. Driver of V02 also stated “The vehicle proceeded to the right shoulder after the toll plaza approximately 200 yards south and then left. V01 proceeded south without leaving any information or checking on the condition of V02. The hit and run vehicle is described as a silver Hyundai with a Florida Gator vanity plate on the front of the vehicle.