Medical Review

The Medical Review Process

When the FLHSMV receives notification from a court, doctor, law enforcement, another state agency, or a concerned relative or citizen, a decision is made whether to initiate a review of the driver. If questionable, an investigation is performed to assure the validity of the complaint. If a review is necessary, the driver is notified in writing that they are under medical review and they are required to provide medical information from their physician within 45 days.

The medical information is forwarded to the Medical Advisory Board for review and recommendation. If approved, the driver may be required to take a re-examination and/or submit a follow-up medical report as a condition of licensure. However, if the driver has a medical condition that affects their ability to safely operate a motor vehicle and their records indicate they pose a risk to public safety, their driving privilege will be denied.

Florida law requires that FLHSMV’s decision be rendered within 90 days of receipt of all requested medical information from the applicant or licensed driver. Once a decision is made, the applicant or licensed driver is notified in writing.

The driver may, at any time, provide additional or updated medical information or a Certified Driver Evaluation by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for reconsideration by the board.