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Medical Review

Do you have a family member or friend whose medical condition may make them an unsafe driver? As a concerned citizen, you may see behaviors and symptoms of medical conditions that may indicate someone is unsafe to drive. The mission of the Medical Review program is not to prevent an individual with a medical condition from driving, but to assure the condition does not interfere with the safe operation of a motor vehicle.

Florida law authorizes any physician, person, or agency to report an applicant or licensed driver who may be unsafe to operate a motor vehicle due to a medical condition to FLHSMV. These referrals must be based on medical conditions or symptoms that could affect safe driving and not the age of the driver. FLHSMV receives referrals from courts, doctors, law enforcement, other state agencies, driver license personnel and concerned relatives or citizens. Medical Reporting is confidential under section 322.126, Florida Statutes, and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report.