Medical Review

Vision Standards

To acquire a driver’s license in the State of Florida, a customer must pass a vision test to determine if they meet the mandatory minimum vision standards.  The minimum visual acuity standard is 20/70 in either eye or both eyes together with or without corrective lenses (if vision cannot be improved).  However, if one eye is blind or 20/200 or worse, the other eye must be 20/40 or better.

FLHSMV requires vision forms depending on the age of the driver and medical follow-ups.

Mature Driver Vision Test: Drivers over 80 years of age must submit FLHSMV Vision Examination Form 72119 when renewing their driver license or take the vision test at their local driver license office. Form 72119 must be completed by a Florida licensed physician or by a licensed physician at a federally established veterans’ hospital.

Report of Eye Exam: For original licenses, and at the time of each renewal license, your eyesight will be tested by the driver license examiner designated by the department or by a licensed ophthalmologist, optometrist, or physician using FLHSMV Report of Eye Exam Form 72010. If your visual acuity is 20/50 or worse in either eye (with or without corrective lenses) your eye specialist must complete this Form 72010.

Field Charts: Applicants who do not meet the required minimum of 130 degrees of uninterrupted horizontal field of vision must submit either a Goldmann Kinetic III-4e or equivalent, or a Humphrey Esterman program field chart.

Telescopic Lenses: Customers are not permitted to use telescopic lenses to meet Florida minimum vision requirements regardless of the acuity reading. Customers wearing telescopic lenses will be issued a field revocation order for “inadequate vision”.