Medical Review

Certified Driver Evaluation

A Certified Driver Evaluation (CDE) is a thorough driving assessment conducted by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist (CDRS) that typically includes two parts: a clinical evaluation followed by a behind-the-wheel evaluation.  The purpose of the clinical evaluation is to identify any areas where the driver may have deficits.  It takes place in an office or clinical setting and is used to measure the physical, visual, and cognitive abilities of the driver.  The behind-the-wheel evaluation takes place on the road and is used to assesses the driver’s ability to control the vehicle in various situations. The behind-the-wheel evaluation is only performed if the driver demonstrated the minimum physical, visual, and cognitive abilities necessary for safe driving during the clinical evaluation. Adaptive equipment will be introduced and used during the behind-the-wheel evaluation if deemed necessary from the clinical evaluation.  Upon conclusion of the CDE, the CDRS will provide a written summary of the assessment that will detail the driver’s performance and include any recommendations he or she may have.

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NOTE: This test is not a substitute for the driving test administered by the driver license office.  However, it provides useful information in evaluating an individual’s driving ability.