Medical Review

Medical Review Frequently Asked Questions

  • May I fax my medical referral form, medical report form, mature driver vision form, or report of eye exam form?

    Yes, the Medical Review Section’s fax number is 850-617-3944, and the Vision Section’s fax number is 850-617-3936.

  • May I obtain an extension to submit my medical form(s)?

    Extensions are granted on a case by case basis. Please contact the Medical Review Section at 850-617-3814 to determine if you can obtain an extension.

  • I misplaced the forms I need to submit, are the medical forms available online?

    Yes, these forms can be obtained online on our forms page. Please ensure you download, print, and complete ALL forms that are indicated on the letter mailed to you from the Medical Review Section.

    Note: There may be additional information needed to complete the review of your case. You will need to review the letter mailed to you to determine the information needed.

  • How will I be notified about the outcome of my medical review?

    You will be notified in writing of the outcome of your medical review.

  • May I apply for a hardship license if revoked by the Medical Advisory Board (MAB)?

    Due to safety concerns, a hardship license is not an option for individuals that have had their driving privilege denied for medical reasons. You may at any time, provide additional or updated medical information or a Certified Driver Evaluation by a Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist for reconsideration by the MAB.

  • What is the extended road test and why am I being asked to take it instead of the regular road test?

    The extended road test (ERT) is the regular road test given three times in succession.  The three road tests are considered one exam; however, each test is graded independently, and each test must be passed to proceed to the next.  It is given to drivers that have a medical condition that may affect their ability to drive safely.  Due to the length of the ERT, subtle loss of physical and/or mental skills needed for safe driving can be better identified.  This longer observation time also allows the tester more time to access fatigue, distraction, and weakness caused by continuous and repetitive actions.

  • I submitted a vision form (Report of Eye Exam) last year, why do I have to submit another vision form?

    The follow-up time frame for Report of Eye Exams is/was determined by your eye specialist, and the Vision Section is following their guidance

  • Can an out of state doctor complete the vision form (Report of Eye Exam)?

    Yes, the Report of Eye Exam form (FLHSMV 72010) may be completed by an out of state doctor. However, the Mature Vision Form (FLHSMV 72119) must be completed by a Florida licensed physician or by a licensed physician at a federally established veterans’ hospital.

  • May I request an extension to submit my vision form?

    Extensions are granted on a case-by-case basis. Please contact the Vision Section at 850-617-3810 to determine if you are eligible to receive an extension.