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Medical Reporting/Medical Review Process

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Reporting a Medically Unsafe Driver for Medical Review

Do you have a family member or friend whose medical condition may make them an unsafe driver? As a concerned citizen, you may see behaviors and symptoms of medical conditions that may indicate someone is unsafe to drive.

Florida law provides physicians, persons or agencies having knowledge of a licensed driver’s mental or physical disability the right to report this information to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV). This information is confidential and no legal action can be taken against the person submitting the report. Click here (English or Spanish) to report a medically unsafe driver.


The Medical Advisory Board

The Medical Advisory Board is a panel of volunteer physicians that assists the FLHSMV with medical criteria and vision standards relating to the licensing of drivers. Board members also provide the FLHSMV with recommendations after reviewing physician evaluations received as part of the medical review process.


The Medical Review Process

When the FLHSMV receives notification from a court, doctor, law enforcement, another state agency, or a concerned relative or citizen, a decision is made whether to initiate a review of the driver. If a review is necessary, the driver is notified in writing that they are under medical review and they are required to provide medical information from their physician within 45 days.

The medical report form is reviewed by the Medical Advisory Board and within 60 days a recommendation is made to FLHSMV. The driver is notified in writing of the outcome.

If driving privileges are denied or revoked, drivers may request an administrative hearing with their local Bureau of Administrative Reviews Office. Drivers can also submit additional information to the Medical Advisory Board for reconsideration if their medical condition improves.