Motor Vehicle, Recreational Vehicle and Mobile Home Dealer/Broker Licenses

Required Fees

License TypeOriginal License FeeAnnual Renewal Fee - Primary Location*Annual Renewal Fee - Supplemental Location*
Franchised Motor Vehicle Dealer (VF)$300$75$50
Franchised Motor Vehicle Service Facility (SF)$300$75$50
Independent Motor Vehicle Dealer (VI)$300$75$50
Wholesale Motor Vehicle Dealer (VW)$300$75$50
Motor Vehicle Auction (VA)$300$75$50
Salvage Motor Vehicle Dealer (SD)$300$75$50
Mobile Home Dealer (DH)$340$140$50
Mobile Home Broker (BH)$340$140$50
Recreational Vehicle Dealer (RV)$340$140$50
Used Recreational Vehicle Dealer (RU)$340$140$50
*Biennial renewal is an option for dealers, manufacturers, importers and distributors to renew for two years. This is pursuant to sections, 320.27(3), 320.27(5), 320.62, 320.77(4), 320.771(4), 320.8225(3), Florida Statutes.