Mobile Home Installer

Mobile Home Installer FAQ

  • Who is authorized to install a mobile home in Florida?

    Installers licensed by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) are authorized to install a mobile home in Florida.

  • How can I apply for a mobile home installer’s license?

    Applicants must complete and submit form HSMV 81401 and provide the required fee and documents to the FLHSMV.

  • Are set-up instructions and homeowner's manual included in a new home purchase?

    Yes. State and federal laws and codes require the manufacturer to furnish complete printed instructions for the set-up and maintenance of each new home. Instructions for the set-up of a home are detailed and specific and must be closely followed for proper installation.

  • Where may I find information on site preparation and requirements?

    The site must be prepared properly in accordance with Rule 15C-1, Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C). The site must be clear of debris, and water must be directed away from the home’s foundation.

  • Are local permits required for the set-up of mobile homes and park trailers?

    Yes. Set-up permits are required and can be applied for at a local county building department. Please see section 320.8285, Florida Statutes.

  • Does the state of Florida approve mobile home anchors and set-up products?

    Yes. All home installation components and products must be certified by the FLHSMV and must undergo technically sound engineering testing that demonstrates compliance with the provisions of Rule 15C-1, F.A.C. Click here for a list of approved installation products.

  • Are all mobile home dealers required to have an installer license?

    No. Only mobile home dealers that pull permits and/or set up homes are required to have an installer license. Please see section 320.8249, Florida Statutes for additional information.

  • Can licensed mobile home installers hook up plumbing?

    Yes. Connecting plumbing to the home is part of the installation process. Please see Rule 15C-2.0072, F.A.C for additional information.

  • Can licensed mobile home installers do electrical hook ups?

    No. Installers can only install electrical crossovers on multi-section homes. Any other electrical work on a home must be done by a licensed electrician. Please see Rule 15C-2.0072, F.A.C for additional information.

  • If a mobile home is temporarily displayed, is an installation decal required?

    No. Installation decals are not required on homes temporarily displayed for sale at a licensed dealer location or at a trade show.

  • Can a consumer set up their own mobile home or park trailer?

    No. Section 320.8249, Florida Statutes and Rule 15C-2, F.A.C. require that only licensed mobile home installers set up a home in Florida.

  • What are the wind zone requirements in Florida?

    Florida has wind zones II and III.  Mobile homes must be built in accordance with the standards that apply to the wind zone of the county where it is to be set up.  Please see Rule 15C-1.01031, F.A.C. for additional information.