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Wireless Communications Device Course

What is the Wireless Communications Device (WCD) course and how do I find a listing of WCD course providers?

The 2019 legislative session passed House Bill 107 to establishes a new Wireless Communication Course.  This course offering will be available for drivers cited for using a wireless communication device in a handheld manner while driving in a designated school crossing, school zone or work zone.

In order to qualify for the Wireless Communications Device (WCD) course to eliminate the assessment of points, fees and fines, drivers must voluntarily choose this option with the clerk of court.  Drivers must also inform the clerk of court in the county the citation was issued they are electing this course.

Drivers are required to complete a WCD course approved by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV).  Applicants should contact the approved WCD course provider to register.

If the driver successfully completes this course, the penalty and associated costs may be waived by the clerk of the court and the assessment of points must be waived.  A driver may elect this course only once.

The Wireless Communications Devise Safety course is not considered as one of the five school elections available in the Traffic Offender Elective Program listed in Section 318.14(9), Florida Statutes.

A subsequent texting while driving conviction would be treated as a moving violation thus allowing the election of a Basic Driver Improvement (BDI) course.


Approved WCD Course Providers

NameDelivery MethodContact Information
National Highway Safety AdministrationInternet800-829-3727
Provider's Website
Provider's Website
Online Traffic EducationInternet888-308-9005
Provider's Website
Provider's Website
Florida Educational Driving SchoolInternet888-497-1755
Provider's Website
Highway Traffic SchoolInternet888-406-1726
Provider's Website
Funny in FloridaInternet800-998-8533
Provider's Website
American Safety InstituteInternet800-800-7121
Provider's Website