Vessel Titling and Registrations

Commercial Vessels

Section 379.361, Florida Statutes, states that any vessel that is required to be registered and is primarily used for harvesting saltwater or freshwater fish and products from state waters for sale to consumers and/or dealers will be classified as a commercial vessel.

An additional $50 commercial vessel registration fee is required of all non-Florida residents unless specifically exempt. A saltwater products license is required of all individuals who harvest over the recreational bag limit and/or sell, and/or harvest with certain gear in Florida.

Change of Classification

If the classification of a vessel changes from recreational to commercial or the opposite, and the vessel has a current registration, the owner must submit a completed Form HSMV 87015 and the certificate of registration to a county tax collector or license plate agent. Upon receipt of the documented request and applicable service fees, the county will issue a replacement registration with the new classification of the vessel.

If a vessel owned by a non-resident of the state of Florida changes from recreational to commercial, an additional $50 commercial vessel fee is required.