License Plates & Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why can’t I renew my registration/license plate, because the co-owner has a suspension against their license? They don’t drive the car, I do!

    Section 320.02(12), Florida Statutes, requires registration or re-registration to be withheld on any motor vehicle whether the owner or co-owner of the vehicle has a suspension against the driver license. Florida law requires fines and violations to be paid regardless of which co-owner committed the violation.

  • Do I have to turn in my license plate when I sell my car?

    If the license plate is not registered to a replacement vehicle, the license plate must be turned in to a local office to prevent a driver license suspension.

  • If I turn in my old license plate when I sell my car, do I have to pay the $225 "new wheels on the road" fee again?

    When an old license plate is turned in, the vehicle registration will be stamped “canceled”. This may be used to exempt the $225 Initial Registration fee when a replacement vehicle is registered.

  • Can I give my license plate to someone else?

    No, a license plate cannot be given or transferred to someone else. Section 320.0609(1)(a), Florida Statutes, requires that the registration, license plate and certificate of registration shall be issued to and remain in the name of the owner of the vehicle registered. However, a personalized license plate may be transferred to a vehicle owned or co-owned by the plate owner. See RS-27 for more information.

  • Why didn't I get my renewal notice this year as I have for the past several years?

    Although Florida Statutes do not require that the department provide renewal notices for motor vehicle registration, notices are provided as a courtesy. A county may elect to not send a renewal notice to its residents. Even if a notice is sent to the customer, the notice may get lost in the mail.

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