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Private Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Providers

Pursuant to Section 319.141, Florida Statutes, effective October 1, 2022 the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) shall expand the Private Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Program (PRVIP) currently active in Miami-Dade county to Broward, Palm Beach, Manatee, Hillsborough, Orange, Volusia, Marion, Duval, Leon, Bay, and Escambia counties. The PRVIP will continue as a permanent program in the authorized counties throughout the state as already established with previously defined statutory requirements, policies, procedures, and memorandum of understanding.

Application for Authorization as a PRVIP Participant

Those interested in becoming a PRVIP participant will be required to complete and submit a FLHSMV application, along with supporting documentation, including bonding and insurance policies.  The proposed business location must  meet  site inspection requirements in compliance with Section 319.141, Florida Statutes to continue the application process. After passing the site inspection, and meeting other requirements, each participant shall enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with FLHSMV that allows them to conduct rebuilt motor vehicle inspections and specifies requirements for oversight, bonding and insurance, procedures, forms and requires the electronic submission of documents and fees.

Application Process

Applicants should follow the process below:

  • Obtain an Application for Authorization as a PRVIP and Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) located on this website or at the BDS Regional Office in your county to complete. There are specific application requirements and location requirements outlined in Section 319.141, Florida StatutesThe PRVIP Application Checklist outlines the steps to follow to become a PRVIP Participant and it also includes contact information for the Bureau of Dealer Services Regional Offices. The applicant is required to acknowledge and agree to the specific terms of the MOU with the Department (FLHSMV) once the application and business site (location) is approved by FLHSMV.
  • Complete fingerprint background check through an electronic FDLE provider for all owners, partners, corporate officers, and facility inspectors and provide proof to the BDS Regional Office in the county where your business is located. Please visit FDLE’s website for a list of approved providers. The ORI Code can be obtained from any of the BDS Regional Offices.
  • Complete the required PRVIP Training Class. At the end of the training the applicant will be provided with a Pre-Site Inspection Checklist to be completed and returned to the Regional Office for review.
  • Select a place of business in any of the authorized counties  that meets all the Site Inspection Requirements listed in the Pre-Site Inspection Checklist form. All of the questions in the Pre-Site Inspection Checklist must be answered in the affirmative before submitting the form to the appropriate BDS Regional Office for review.  After review and approval, a BDS Representative will schedule a site inspection at the proposed location. If there are any deficiencies noted, they will be explained to the applicant so they can be corrected.  The Application for Authorization as a PRVIP Participant shall not be accepted if there are pending issues.
  • Submit the completed application, supporting documentation and signed MOU to the Bureau of Dealer Services Regional Office in the county where the business will be established.
  • A BDS Representative will conduct a final quality review of the application, supporting documents and MOU.
  • If it is determined the application and site inspection meets all requirements outlined in Section 319.141, Florida Statutes, the completed MOU will be sent to the appropriate FLHSMV Office for final approval.  If there are any concerns or pending issues, the applicant shall be notified by mail.
  • When the MOU final approval is granted, the applicant shall be provided a County/Agency Code that is required in order to get set up with the FLHSMV Accounting section to collect statutory fees that are remitted to FLHSMV. Further instructions and sign-up requirements will be provided to the applicant after the final approval process is completed.
  • An Authorization Certificate shall be issued upon completing the final steps and shall be displayed at the approved PRVIP facility for public view.

Training Requirements

Each PRVIP facility must have a FLHSMV authorized inspector to conduct private rebuilt vehicle inspection services. The inspector must be trained by a FLHSMV authorized trainer. Further information on the training requirements for PRVIP inspectors can be found in the Private Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Training Overview document. A list of currently approved PRVIP Trainers and BDS Regional Offices can be found in the Approved PRVIP Trainers document.

To become a PRVIP trainer an application must be submitted to FLHSMV for approval.  In order to be approved, a trainer must meet the following requirements:

  • Must hold a current state teacher’s certificate or have a least one year of current experience as an instructor and have completed a recognized instructor training course provided by a college, university, vocational school, U.S. Military School, or a government sponsored Train the Trainer course (supporting documentation required).
  • Must be a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the subject matter on which they will provide instruction. For the purpose of the PRVIP, a SME is someone who has acquired special knowledge through training and/or experience related to rebuilt motor vehicles, vehicle major component parts, salvage vehicles, Florida titling requirements, vehicle identification, and other training and experience related to rebuilt vehicle inspections.
  • All applicants are required to submit a fingerprint background check with their application when submitted.
  • If the applicant meets and satisfies the application requirements, two rebuilt vehicle inspection training lesson plans will be requested for review; one for an initial (24) hour course and an (8) hour continuing education course.
  • The final approval to become a PRVIP Trainer will be based upon the review of the curriculum provided and the lesson plans submitted for both the (24) hour and (8) hour training courses.

If you are qualified and interested in becoming a PRVIP Trainer please complete the Application for Approval as a PRVIP Trainer and submit to for further review.

Access to FLHSMV Web-Based System

FLHSMV has developed a   web-based system that will provide limited access to the Florida Real-time Vehicle Information System (FRVIS) for participants to enter rebuilt vehicle inspection data. PRVIP participants will also be required to enroll in an electronic payment system (EPS) with no fee required to set up an account. Both systems will require a static IP address listed on the application.  In order to gain access to the system, each authorized PRVIP participant must:

  • Enroll into the department’s web portal to make payments.  The EPS system will require a Login ID, Password, Security Questions and Answers as well as adding a bank account (funding source).
  • Obtain a unique County Agency ID code to complete the enrollment process.

PRVIP Participant Application Page

An application package for authorization as a PRVIP includes the following:

PRVIP Trainer Application

Obtaining Further Information

All approved participants shall be contacted by FLHSMV when updates to the PRVIP occur. If you are not an approved participant and need further information you may contact any of the Bureau of Dealer Services Regional Offices or send an email to

Approved PRVIP Trainers

Any person (student) interested in becoming an authorized Private Rebuilt Motor Vehicle Inspector (Inspector) to conduct rebuilt vehicle inspections at an authorized Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) Private Rebuilt Motor Vehicle Inspection Facility (Facility) is required to attend an initial (24) hour Private Rebuilt Motor Vehicle Inspection training course provided by an approved FLHSMV Trainer or BDS Regional Office.

Approved FLHSMV PRVIP Trainers and BDS Regional Offices contact information:
TrainerTelephone numberEmail address
Jose M.
BDS Regional Offices - PRVIP Training
LocationTelephone NumberCounty
Margate Regional Office954-969-4216 option 0Broward
Ocala Regional Office352-512-6782 option 3Marion
Jacksonville Regional Office904-365-2681 Duval
Deland Regional Office386-327-9220 option 3Volusia
Orlando Regional Office407-445-7400 option 3Orange
Tampa Regional Office813-612-7110 option 4Hillsborough
Tallahassee Regional Office850-617-2999 option 2Leon
Panama City Sub-Office850-767-3660 option 1Bay
Pensacola Sub-Office850-475-5415 option 1Escambia
Palmetto Regional Office941-723-4551 option 6Manatee
West Palm Beach Regional Office561-640-6820 option 5Palm Beach
Opa Locka Regional Office786-804-4180 Miami-Dade

Authorized PRVIP Facilities

Facility Name and AddressParticipant & Telephone NumberEmail Address
69/50 - Miami DMV LLC d/b/a/ Miami DMV Rebuilt Inspections
9495 B NW 27th Ave
Miami, Fl. 33147
Joaquin Jimenez &
Ruby Avila
69/51 - Dealer Motor Vehicle Rebuilt, Inc.
4365 East 10th Lane
Hialeah, Fl. 33013
Hector Fontela &
Teresita Broussalis
69/52 - 32nd Ave Rebuilts, LLC
8701 NW 32ND Avenue
Miami, FL 33147
Christian Cortes, Angie Cortes & Liborio Cortes
69/53 - EZ Rebuilt Inspections, LLC
13405 SW 128th St Unit 202B
Miami, FL 33186
Elizabeth Zamora &
Andrew Trabazo
69/54 - Vene Courier, Inc.
3803 NW 125th Street, Unit 8
Opa Locka, FL 33054
Higinio Meraz &
Erika Duran
305-300-2755 & 305-300-2745
69/56 - Best Rebuilt Specialist, Inc.
7191 N Waterway Rd
Miami, FL 33155
Marlen Oliva
69/58 - Sunshine Rebuilt Inspections, Inc.
9660 NW 27th Ave
Miami, FL 33147
Yanet Colominas
69/59 - South Florida Rebuilt Inspections, Inc.
3601 NW 55th Street Unit # 101-C
Miami, FL 33142
Stephanie Casanova &
Pablo Casanova
69/62 - DMV Inspections of South Florida Corp.
15942 NW 48th Avenue
Miami Gardens, FL 33014
Edgardo Bonet &
Aida Ruiz Duran
69/63 - Miami Rebuilt Inspection, Inc.
4110 NW 135th Street, Bay A
Opa Locka, FL 33054
Carlos Salas
69/64 - Dade Motor Vehicle Inspection, Inc.
4607 SW 75th Avenue
Miami, FL 33155
David G. Gonzalez &
Luz M. Olivera
69/65 - Hialeah Gardens Rebuilt Inspections Corp
11750 NW 87th PL # 21-22
Hialeah, FL 33018
Ana L. Fabregas
69/66 - Rebuilt Masters, Inc.
352 NE 191 Street
Miami, FL 33179

Guerdy W. Fabre
69/67 - Opa Locka Rebuilt, Inc.
14540 NW 26 Avenue
Opa Locka, FL 33054
Claudia J. Larrosa
69/70 - Miami Rebuilt Inspection, Inc.
18580 East Colonial Drive, Unit 4
Orlando, FL 32820
Carlos Salas
69/71 - Sunshine Rebuilt Inspections of Tampa, LLC
d/b/a Sunshine Rebuilt and DMV Rebuilt Inspections
5820 E Broadway Avenue
Tampa, FL 33619
Yahilin Laseca &
Erick Laseca
69/72 - Fast Rebuilt Central Florida, LLC
2172 Platinum Rd
Apopka, FL 32703
Bridgette S. Butler
69/73 - Orlando Rebuilt Inspection, LLC
5651 Commerce Dr #2
Edgewood, FL 34741
Mustafa Al Sarraff