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Private Rebuilt Vehicle Inspection Providers

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Pursuant to Section 319.141, Florida Statutes, by October 1, 2019, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) shall implement a program in Miami-Dade County for rebuilt inspection services offered by private sector participants. The private rebuilt vehicle inspection program (PRVIP) is currently being developed by FLHSMV. The status of each of the major components of the PRVIP are detailed below. This webpage will be updated as new information becomes available.

Application for Authorization as a PRVIP Participant

FLHSMV is currently in the process of developing the application form, and all supporting documents. Those interested in becoming a PRVIP participant will be required to complete and submit a FLHSMV application, along with supporting documentation, including bonding and insurance policies.  The proposed business location must “pass” a site inspection demonstrating compliance with Section 319.141, Florida Statutes to continue the application process. After passing the site inspection, and meeting other requirements, each participant shall enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with FLHSMV that allows them to conduct rebuilt motor vehicle inspections and specifies requirements for oversight, bonding and insurance, procedures, forms and requires the electronic submission of documents and fees.

Access to FLHSMV Titling and Registration System

FLHSMV is currently developing an enhanced  web-based system that will provide limited access to the Florida Real-time Vehicle Information System (FRVIS) for participants to enter rebuilt vehicle inspection data. This system will also include a new and improved electronic payment system (EPS) with no fee required to set up an account. Both systems will require a static IP address listed on the application.  In order to gain access to the system, each authorized PRVIP participant must:

  • Enroll into the department’s web portal to make payments.  The EPS system will require a Login ID, Password, Security Questions and Answers as well as adding a bank account (funding source).
  • Obtain a unique County Agency ID code to complete the enrollment process.


Obtaining Further Information

As soon as the application form and supporting documents are completed, they will be posted on this webpage. If you would like to be contacted by FLHSMV when the application forms are posted, please download and complete this fillable PDF form, and email it to (Note: An “unblocked” email address is necessary to receive notification.)