Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Domestic Security

Activities of CVE personnel directly related to domestic security include inspection of vehicles transporting, or suspected of transporting, hazardous materials. Such enforcement activities include inspection of shipping papers, placards, markings, packaging and proper loading of hazardous materials containers. Drivers are scrutinized to ensure they are properly licensed, qualified to drive vehicles transporting hazardous materials, and properly employed by the trucking company. Domestic security visits to motor carriers and shippers of hazardous materials are conducted to ensure compliance with the regulations and to provide education and training to carriers on how to secure their trucks and terminals. This domestic security awareness program is designed to reduce the likelihood that such materials and vehicles are used as a weapon. Leads on suspected drivers and other carrier employees have been referred to the FBI and the FDLE for follow up investigation.

An attempt to use commercial vehicles as a weapon would not necessarily involve vehicles known to be transporting hazardous materials. CVE’s law enforcement activities directed at commercial vehicle operations in general are a crucial element of domestic security. The CVE officer’s specialized knowledge of what constitutes normal activities related to commercial vehicle operations allows for the ability to recognize abnormal activities, worthy of closer scrutiny.

As an integral part of the Florida Highway Patrol, the CVE maintains part of the responsibility for ensuring that the state’s critical transportation infrastructure, i.e., roads, bridges, etc., is protected from any attempt to disrupt the flow of commerce or otherwise deny the use of such structures. Since 9/11, sworn officers of CVE have also provided security for the State Capitol, major power plants, transportation of certain classified materials, facilities quarantined during anthrax events, and the like.


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U.S. Department of Homeland Security

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