Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Payment of Citations

There are two types of citations that a CVE Trooper may issue.

Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC)

Uniform Traffic Citations or traffic tickets that are given must be handled within 30 days with the county court clerk’s office where the ticket was received. To handle a ticket visit or call the clerk’s office. In some counties, tickets may be paid online.

To dispute a UTC, you must appear in court in the county where you received ticket. Details for setting a court date should appear on the UTC. If you have any questions about a Uniform Traffic Citation, please call the Clerk of the Court’s Office in the county that you received the ticket.

For more information, please see Traffic Citations.

Uniform Commercial Citation (UCC)

Uniform Commercial Citations or Commercial Motor Vehicle Citation/Permits are citations that are issued by CVE Troopers for weight violations, safety violations, overdimensional violations, registration violations, International Registration Plan (IRP) violations and International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA) violations. UCC’s can be paid via the Online Payment Center or by calling the Penalty Collection Unit at (800)688-5479 or (850)617-3206. There are no points assessed against the driver’s license for UCC’s.

To dispute or protest a UCC, please see Protest a Uniform Commercial Citation.