Commercial Vehicle Enforcement

Commercial Motor Vehicle Safety Enforcement

Another part of the CVE operation is to enforce commercial motor vehicle and driver safety regulations by performing vehicle inspections and enforcing Florida’s traffic laws. The program’s safety enforcement responsibility also includes inspections of hazardous materials vehicles and passenger buses. These inspections are conducted both on the roadside in safe locations and at weigh stations throughout the state. This allows the officers to detect possible vehicle defects and driver deficiencies that could lead to CMV traffic crashes. These activities are assisting in the reduction of commercial motor vehicle crashes in the state. CVE responds to fatal CMV crashes in order to provide the on scene investigators more accurate information regarding the motor carrier and equipment involved in the crash.

Our law enforcement officers also conduct compliance reviews at the motor carrier’s places of business to ensure that they are aware of the laws and regulations that pertain to the commercial trucking industry.

trailer crashThe Florida Highway Patrol, Office of Commercial Vehicle Enforcement is the lead agency for administering the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Assistance Program Grant. These funds provide at an 80/20 percent match, needed equipment and services for performing the duties necessary for reducing the number and severity of commercial motor vehicle crashes, assure the safety of commercial motor vehicles and drivers and the protection and safety of the motoring public.

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