Driver Education Licensing Assistance Program (DELAP) Overview

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does DELAP stand for?

    DELAP is the acronym for Driver Education Licensing Assistance Program.

  • What is DELAP?

    DELAP is driver education in the high school.  Personnel that teach drivers education in the schools must be a DOE-certified teacher with a Driver Education endorsement.  Each school participating in the DELAP program must be included in a public or private secondary education program, courses must follow the DOE curriculum framework and student performance standards must be approved by the local school board’s pupil progression plan.

  • How do I become an authorized DELAP Specialist?

    Information on how to become a DELAP provider can be found here.

  • Can I be employed by two or more high schools/counties at the same time and still be DELAP authorized?

    Yes, but you must submit a completed DELAP application and contract from each county of employment and it must be signed by the authorized DELAP administrator for each county.

  • I have a teaching certificate from the Florida Department of Education (DOE). What other courses must I take to become a DELAP-authorized specialist?

    Both a DOE teaching certificate and Driver Education endorsement on your teaching certificate are required.

  • What schools/colleges offer the classes required to receive a Driver Education endorsement?

    Contact your local school board or DOE for instructions on obtaining a DOE certification and endorsements.

  • If a student has passed the Class E knowledge exam through a DELAP program, will they be required to take it again at a driver license or tax collector office?

    Customers who have passed the class E knowledge or skills exam at a DELAP site may be randomly chosen for retest before license issuance for quality assurance purposes.

  • At what age can students take the class E knowledge exam in order to receive a learner’s license?

    Customers may take the Class E knowledge exam at age 14 , but  cannot obtain a learner’s license until their 15th birthday.  The skills exam can be taken after the customer receives their learners’s license and while enrolled in the DELAP program; however, they cannot obtain their Class E License until they have had their license for a year and have a parent’s approval or upon their 18 birthday.

  • Do students enrolled in DELAP have to take the Traffic Law & Substance Abuse Education (TLSAE) course before they take the class in school?

    No, DOE-approved curriculum includes TLSAE material; therefore, the student is exempt from attending a TLSAE class.

  • Are driver education specialists permitted to read the class E knowledge exam aloud to students with learning disabilities or if English is their second language?

    Driver education specialists are not authorized to conduct/administer oral examinations. However, the class E knowledge exam is administered electronically, and the system includes audio and is available in several different languages. If a student has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) or any other disability that requires a verbal exam, they may:

    • Take the exam at a driver license or tax collector office via a verbal exam conducted by a FLHSMV examiner or with an interpreter. PLEASE NOTE: There is a $6.25 surcharge for services rendered in Tax Collector offices. If a translator is required, it is the responsibility of the customer to find and procure the services needed.