Commercial Driver License Third Party Testing

Third Party Testers FAQ

  • Is there an application fee for Third Party Testers?

    No. There is no fee to join the CDL & Third Party Testing Program.

  • Is a Class A CDL required to test CDL applicants?

    The Tester must hold a valid CDL equal to the class of license authorized under their Third Party Tester Agreement. Example: If you hold a Class B CDL you may only test Class B & C applicants.

  • Who is responsible for paying the training certification fee?

    It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure payment for the required training.

  • Can I work at multiple companies offering the CDL skills test?

    Yes, The Third Party Tester may work at multiple testing facilities.

  • What is required to pass the 50-hour training class?

    To successfully pass the course a Third Party Tester must pass a knowledge exam and score within five points of your instructor on each part of the skills test. The knowledge test and score is administered on the last day of class.