Commercial Driver License Third Party Testing

Third Party Administrator FAQ

  • Is there an application fee for Third Party Administrators?

    No. There is no fee for applying to join the CDL & Third Party Testing Program.

  • Can I also register my business to administer the CDL knowledge tests?

    No. Third Party organizations are currently prohibited from administering CDL knowledge tests.  These tests must be taken in a driver license issuance office.

  • I plan on testing Class A and B applicants. Does my Third Party Tester need a Class A CDL?

    No. The Third Party Tester is not required to hold a Class A CDL to test Class A and B applicants.

  • Does DHSMV set the fees that Third Party Administrators may charge?

    No. It is the responsibility of the Third Party Administrator to set the fees.

  • Does DHSMV regulate the test fees Third Party Administrators charge for services?

    No. However, DHSMV is responsible for ensuring the test fees are fully disclosed and clearly posted.