Child Safety

Car and Driveway Safety

Child Safety

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Heatstroke Prevention – Never Leave Children in a Car

  • Keep vehicles in driveways or garages locked and store keys out of children’s reach to avoid children becoming trapped in a vehicle.
  • When getting out of your vehicle, check to make sure all children are out of the vehicle and accounted for. Put a purse or other important item in the backseat with your child as a reminder.
  • Never leave a child unattended or unsupervised in a motor vehicle. It is extremely hot, especially in Florida during the summer and can result in the child’s injury or death.
  • Florida law states that children under six should never be left in a motor vehicle for longer than 15 minutes. Furthermore, children under six should not be left in a vehicle for any period of time if the motor is running, the health of the child is in danger or if the child appears to be in distress. A violation of this law is a second degree misdemeanor and can result in a fine of up to $500. If a child is injured, the violation becomes a third degree felony.

Driveway Safety

  • Teach children to never play in, on, around, or under vehicles. Keep toys or bicycles off the driveway.
  • Designate safe play areas for your children that are off the driveway and away from vehicles.
  • If children play in the driveway, have an adult supervise at all times.
  • Keep vehicles in driveways or garages locked and store keys out of children’s reach to avoid children getting in a vehicle and turning it on or moving it on accident.
  • When backing out of the driveway or parked spot:
    • Walk around your vehicle to check for children playing and make sure all children are safe and accounted for.
    • Turn off your radio to better hear your surroundings. Roll down windows to listen for children or pedestrians.
    • Know your vehicle’s blind spots and look again before backing. Check your rearview and side mirrors.
    • Keep your foot on the brake until you completely shift into reverse. Look directly through the rear window and back out slowly.
    • Look both ways especially over a sidewalk or other area where children or pedestrians are present like school zones and residential areas.
  • Florida law states that the driver of a vehicle shall not back up unless such movement can be made with safety and without interfering with other traffic. Take a second look if you have any doubt!
  • Refer to the official Florida Driver License Handbook for more information on car and driveway safety.



Car and Driveway Safety – Parent Printable Handout

Car and Driveway Safety – Kids Printable Activity Handout


The Florida Department of Children and Families also has information about keeping your child safe in hot temperatures. Click here for more information.