Medal of Valor Award

Medal of Valor Recipient Lieutenant Roley Kiker

On Monday, September 18th, 2006, Lieutenant Roley E. Kiker was in an off-duty status en-route to the Fitness Works gym for physical fitness training. While en-route he observed an Escambia County Sheriff’s Office deputy exiting his patrol car with his firearm drawn. After immediately notifying the Tallahassee Regional Communication Center of the situation, Lieutenant Kiker stopped and took up a defensive position to back the deputy up. The deputy then informed Lieutenant Kiker that the white male suspect who was sitting in a vehicle, in a ditch, was armed and had just tried to rob the Winn Dixie Food Store on Nine Mile Road. Several vehicles drove between the deputy’s vehicle and the armed suspect’s vehicle. Seeing the danger to the public, Lieutenant Kiker repositioned his vehicle blocking the roadway to protect the public. In doing so, he positioned himself closer to the armed suspect.

Lieutenant Kiker and the deputy gave repeated commands to the suspect, directing him to drop his weapon and exit the vehicle. The suspect then exited his vehicle and pointed a gun at Lieutenant Kiker, who ordered the suspect repeatedly to drop his weapon. The suspect however raised his gun, pointed it at Lieutenant Kiker, at which time Lieutenant Kiker fired one round, striking the suspect in the abdomen. The suspect fell to the ground and was immediately handcuffed and secured. The suspect was subsequently transported from the scene to West Florida Hospital. He was charged by the Escambia County Sheriff’s Office with robbery and aggravated assault charges. This suspect was also wanted by the FBI for bank robbery in Foley, Alabama. Lieutenant Kiker displayed outstanding bravery and courage in the protection of life, preservation of peace and prevention of a criminal act. In doing so, he exposed himself to great peril and personal danger and acted above and beyond the call of duty.

Lieutenant Kiker is to be commended for his actions. He not only ended a life threatening situation to himself and the deputy, but removed a violent felon from the community in which he serves. He demonstrated his commitment to the Florida Highway Patrol and the citizens he serves by his actions that day.

Colonel Christopher A. Knight
Director, Florida Highway Patrol