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2023 Trooper of the Year

Trooper of the Year 2021 - Trooper Toni SchuckTrooper Toni Schuck

On March 6, 2022, Trooper Toni Schuck was working near the Sunshine Skyway Bridge while it was shut down for the 5th Annual Skyway 10k run to take place. There were over 7,000 participants in attendance. Troopers were notified of a reckless driver heading toward the event area at a high rate of speed. The driver had already maneuvered around and through roadway lane closures, law enforcement personnel, highway signs, traffic cones, and safety barrels. Trooper Schuck was the last line of defense between the driver and thousands of unsuspecting race participants.
Trooper Schuck observed the reckless vehicle approaching with no indication of stopping. Without hesitation and disregarding her own personnel safety, in life-saving act of bravery, Trooper Schuck took position in the middle of the two-lane road, slowed her vehicle and strategically positioned herself in front of the oncoming driver. The reckless vehicle struck Trooper Shuck’s patrol vehicle in an explosive head-on collision. The crash resulted in injuries to both Trooper Schuck and the reckless driver who was later discovered to be an impaired driver.