Member Recognition

2022 Civilian of the Quarter

January through March | Krystal Albury

Congratulations for being selected as the Florida Highway Patrol Civilian Employee of the Quarter from January through March 2022.

Krystal Albury has been with the Florida Highway Patrol for 26 years, serving in many different administrative capacities. During the past 12 years, Ms. Albury has been the Troop K OOC, where she has continued to perform at a very high level. It has been common for Ms. Albury to volunteer for additional assignments throughout her career, such as handling all uniform and equipment needs for the Florida Highway Patrol’s Quick Reaction Force.

On January 10, 2022, Ms. Albury volunteered to oversee and assist in the FHP/SLERS inventory and asset tagging process. This responsibility was part of the new Harris radio contract for the entire Division. This project was conducted at the L3 Harris facility and involved the physical inspection, asset assignment and tagging for each of the 5,400 new portable and mobile radios that were delivered to the Division. Completing this project had to occur before the installation project could begin. On top of maintaining normal responsibilities, Ms. Albury completed this project ahead of schedule, allowing the next phase to begin timely. Ms. Albury’s hard work, dedication and positive attitude are greatly appreciated and respected by all who work with her.