Member Recognition

2021 Trooper of the Year

Trooper Horlkins SagetTrooper Horlkins Saget

On September 8, 2020, dispatch notified Trooper Horlkins Saget that Trooper Megan Stiles was in an active pursuit on I-95 just north of Atlantic Avenue in Palm Beach County, Florida. Being in the area, Trooper Saget joined the pursuit. The suspect vehicle made an abrupt exit from I-95 onto Atlantic Avenue, and at the intersection, it crashed into another vehicle. The suspect drove approximately one-half mile before abandoning the heavily damaged vehicle and fled on foot into a nearby neighborhood while carrying a military-style rifle and a semi-automatic handgun. As Trooper Saget and Trooper Stiles continued the pursuit, the suspect turned and discharged his rifle at them. The suspect then continued to flee on foot between houses. By this time, Troopers Saget and Stiles had exited their vehicles and began pursuing the suspect on foot. The suspect ran between two houses, stopped, and waited to ambush the pursuing troopers.  Maintaining their situational awareness, Troopers Saget and Stiles slowed their pace as they passed between the houses. As Trooper Saget turned the corner, he encountered the suspect who immediately fired his handgun, missing Trooper Saget. Trooper Saget returned fire, striking the suspect, and ending the attack.

Trooper Saget then retrieved first aid equipment and returned to assist Trooper Stiles who had begun performing CPR. The suspect succumbed to his injuries. This incident occurred during the first two months that Troopers Saget and Stiles had been released to solo patrol and their teamwork is testament to their training and professionalism. The immediate action of Trooper Saget confronting and neutralizing the threat of the suspect while under fire demonstrates his selfless service to the community and the Florida Highway Patrol.