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2004 Trooper of the Year

FHP Trooper of the Year Announced

Colonel BrammerTrooper Sean Brammer has been selected as the 2004 Trooper of the Year for his quick response and administration of CPR that saved the life of a teenage boy.

While attending church services last October in Miramar, Florida, Trooper Brammer observed a teenage boy collapse in his chair. Trooper Brammer immediately responded by laying the boy on his back and checking for a pulse. Finding a faint pulse, Trooper Brammer attempted to revive him with smelling salts, but the boy did not respond. Then, after finding no pulse, Brammer began CPR with assistance from a citizen. During Trooper Brammer’s second cycle of CPR, the boy began to breathe again. Soon after, Miramar Fire Rescue arrived to transport the teenager to Hollywood Memorial Hospital where he subsequently recovered.