Mature Driver

Driver License Renewal Requirements/Options for Older Drivers

Driver License

A Florida Class E driver license must be renewed every eight years for customers 79 years old and younger. At age 80, driver licenses must be renewed every six years. Customers may be eligible to renew their Class E Florida driver license online. Visit MyDMV Portal to see if you are eligible to renew online.

Customers who are 80 years of age or older and are not eligible to renew their driver license online are required to pass a vision test. The test may be taken at a Florida driver license service center at no additional charge. Customers may also have a Florida-licensed medical doctor, osteopathic physician or an optometrist administer their vision test. Once a customer passes the vision test, they or their doctor must submit the Mature Driver Vision Test form (HSMV 72119 S) which can be obtained here.

If the vision test reveals medical conditions that result in a referral to an eye specialist, such as a Florida-licensed ophthalmologist or an optometrist, a customer  will need to submit a completed Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles Report of Eye Exam Form: HSMV Form 72010.


ID Card

The time may come when driving is no longer a safe option and, when that time comes, FLHSMV encourages customers to surrender their driver license and obtain an ID card. Florida’s ID card functions exactly the same as a driver license for the purpose of providing proof of identification. It can be used in airports, doctor’s offices, banks or anywhere a photo identification is needed. In addition, the documentation needed for an identification card is the same as a driver license. Customers may obtain an ID card at a Florida driver license service center.


Driver License and ID Card Fees

For a list of our current fees, please view the fee schedule.

All state-operated (FLHSMV) service centers accept American Express, Master Card and Discover credit cards. Accepted credit cards may vary at County Tax Collector’s Offices. Please contact the service center you intend to visit in advance if you have questions about fees or acceptable methods of payment.