Ignition Interlock Program

Disclaimer: This summary was prepared by the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) and should be used for reference only. Please refer to the full text of any laws referenced below for complete and comprehensive legal information.

Section 316.193, Florida Statutes, mandates ignition interlock devices (IID) be installed on the vehicles of certain persons convicted of Driving Under the Influence (DUI).

The IID program affects those arrested and convicted of DUI after July 1, 2002, upon eligibility for reinstatement of a permanent or restricted driver license. The IID is also required when a driver convicted of DUI applies for a restricted license for work or business purposes, as authorized in section 322.271, Florida Statutes.

If a person is otherwise eligible, a driver license will be issued with a “P” restriction indicating an IID is required. The required time period for an IID begins on the day the “P” restriction is issued.


FLHSMV-Approved IID Service Providers

Drivers who are required to install an IID must contact one of the following providers for installation. The service providers listed below meet the requirements provided in 15A-9.007, F.A.C., the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Standards, and section 316.1938, Florida Statutes.

The Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (FLHSMV) is always exploring new ways to uphold its mission of providing highway safety and security through excellence in service, education, and enforcement.

In a recent survey, FLHSMV discovered that there was a faction of individuals that completed all requirements of a Driving Under the Influence (DUI) conviction, with the exception of the requirement of installing an ignition interlock device (IID). Several barriers were identified, yet the most pervasive was the inability to financially afford the costs associated with having an IID installed and maintaining the IID during the required time-period.

In an effort to assist Floridians in becoming compliant and lawfully permitted to drive, FLHSMV and the seven Florida IID vendors are offering discounts for IID services, beginning September 1, 2020. The criteria for eligibility, discounts, and terms have been established by each IID vendor and can be obtained by contacting each vendor directly at the phone numbers provided below.

Contracted ProviderContact InformationApproved Devices
Provider's Website
Model #: L250
Provider's Website
Model #: AT588
Smart Start800-880-3394
Provider's Website
Model #: SSI 2030
Provider's Website
Model #: Alcolock LR
RoadGuard Interlock (Services provided by Nationwide Interlock)
Provider's Website
Model #: Draeger Interlock 7000
Guardian Interlock800-499-0994
Provider's Website
Model #: AMS 2000
Alcohol Detection Systems (ADS)888-205-1834
Provider's Website
Determinator 2 DM-909
Low Cost Interlock, Inc844-276-0554
Provider's Website
Model #: LCI-777
Provider's Website
Model #: 1001A


Court Reporting Requirements

Most courts electronically report DUI convictions to the FLHSMV. The court order should reflect both the time of the suspension and the IID requirement. Please verify with the clerk of court that the court’s electronic reporting includes this IID requirement.


Indigent Guidelines

If the court determines that the convicted person is unable to pay for the installation of the IID, the court may order that a portion of the fine paid by the person for a violation of section 316.193, Florida Statutes, be allocated to defray the cost of installation.


When an IID is Required

Section 316.193, Florida Statutes, requires an IID to be installed in the vehicle(s) of certain persons convicted of DUI, as indicated by the chart below.

DUI ConvictionIgnition Interlock Required
First ConvictionIf court ordered
First Conviction if BAL is 0.15 or above, or minor in carAt least 6 months
Second ConvictionAt least 1 year
Second Conviction if BAL is 0.15 or above, or minor in carAt least 2 years
Third ConvictionAt least 2 years
Four of More Convictions (Condition of Hardship License)At least 5 years