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This webpage is intended to offer resources for Clerk of Courts and state law enforcement agencies with information pertaining to the Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) system, Traffic Citation Accounting and Transmission System (TCATS), Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) system and crash system.

Latest Information

Driver License Restriction Codes Memo
Motorist Modernization Phase 1 Implementation – Update – January 26, 2021
UTC Procedure Manual – November 2019
Wireless Communications Memo – October 25, 2019
Appendix C – November 4, 2019 Updates
Appendix C Control Document – November 4, 2019 Updates
LEA Appendix C – November 4, 2019 Revisions
2019 Crash Training Workshop Presentation
2019 UTC Training Workshop Presentation
2019 Legislation Affecting Traffic and Motor Vehicle Laws
2019 Addendum to Florida Crash Portal Changes
2019 Florida Crash Portal Changes
2019 New Contact for Subpoenas


Uniform Traffic Citation (UTC) Program

The UTC program is mandated for the collection and storing of information regarding traffic enforcement, traffic case adjudication and related subjects, in accordance with chapters 316, 318, and 322, Florida Statutes. Additionally, the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is charged with the administration of uniform reporting requirements.

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Crash Records and Crash Reporting

The Florida Traffic Crash form (HSMV 90010S) is used by law enforcement officers in Florida to report traffic crashes to the DHSMV.

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Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID)

The Driver and Vehicle Information Database (DAVID) is a multifaceted database that affords immediate retrieval of driver and motor vehicle information that is indispensable for law enforcement and criminal justice officials.

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