Department Overview

Agency Goals

  • Provide the most effective highway safety and enforcement programs through the use of appropriate traffic and criminal law enforcement (Chapter 321, Florida Statutes), safety education (section 321.071, Florida Statutes), and administration of the traffic crash investigation process (Chapter 322 and sections 316.065-316.069, Florida Statutes).
  • Provide administration and management to meet the challenge of highway safety and support the headquarters and field activities of FLHSMV (section 20.24, Florida Statutes).
  • Provide assistance to local, state, and federal agencies and highway safety organizations through a comprehensive records and management information system which reflects driver (section 322.20, Florida Statutes) and vehicle (sections 319.17 and 320.05, Florida Statutes) status and traffic crash information (sections 316.065-316.069, Florida Statutes).
  • Provide title and registration services for motor vehicles (Chapters 319 and 320, Florida Statutes) and vessels (Chapters 327 and 328, Florida Statutes), and assure consumer protection through the licensing of vehicle dealers, manufacturers, factory representatives and importers (sections 320.27, 320.61-320.70, and 320.77, Florida Statutes); through inspection services for mobile homes and recreational vehicles within the state of Florida (sections 320.822-320.8285, Florida Statutes); and through regulation of inspection stations to ensure air quality control (Chapter 325, Florida Statutes).
  • Maintain a professional and effective driver license program which assures that only those drivers who demonstrate the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities are permitted to operate vehicles on Florida roads (Chapter 322, Florida Statutes); removes from the highways and/or requires further education for those drivers who demonstrate an abuse of the driving privilege (sections 322.22-322.291, Florida Statutes); and assures that drivers are held financially responsible for their actions (Chapters 324 and 627, Part XI, Florida Statutes).