Toll-by-Plate Information

A Toll Authority is the designee of a governmental entity whose authority is to enforce the payment of tolls. A person may not use any toll facility without payment of tolls, except as provided in section 338.155, Florida Statutes.

Department systems were built to prevent the duplication of license plate numbers. The processing of the high volume of toll violations in Florida combined with the speed of vehicles passing cameras can lead to inaccurate plate readings which results in some customers being billed in error.

How to avoid being responsible for toll violations you did not commit:

License Plate Disposal

For your protection, please remember license plates belong to the state and must be returned if the plate is no longer in use or is expired. When you return a license plate to the State of Florida, it will be recorded that the plate has been returned in order to avoid potential toll violations being associated with your name and you can still use the initial registration credit for your next license plate purchase.

You should dispose of Florida license plates via one of the following methods:


SunPass has an easy online site for their Toll-By-Plate program where customers can add money to an account for their plate which can be used for traveling.

What Happens when a customer receives a Toll Violation:

  • If the customer fails to pay the fine and unpaid tolls within the 30-day time frame they have the option to elect a hearing and pay the civil penalty fee if applicable.
  • If the driver fails to pay the civil penalty timely to the Clerk of Court, the Clerk of Court may submit a request for driver license suspension (D6) to the department.
  • The customer may also be prevented from completing a registration renewal for any motor vehicle he or she owns or co-owns.

Toll Violation dispute OR you are not the owner of license plate on citation:

First, contact the toll agency to settle the dispute. If unable to reach a settlement with that agency and the customer is not the owner of the tag used during the toll violation complete form HSMV 90510 requesting a verification letter as proof and submit to the address on the form.

What if someone other than the owner was operating the vehicle:

The owner of the motor vehicle involved in the violation is responsible and liable for payment of a citation issued for failure to pay a toll, unless the owner can establish the motor vehicle was, at the time of the violation, in the care, custody, or control of another person. In order to establish such facts, the owner of the motor vehicle is required, within 14 days after the date of issuance of the citation, to furnish to the appropriate governmental entity an affidavit setting forth:

  • The name, address, date of birth, and, if known, the driver license number of the person who leased, rented, or otherwise had the care, custody, or control of the motor vehicle at the time of the alleged violation; or
  • If stolen, the police report indicating that the vehicle was stolen at the time of the alleged violation.

Leased Vehicles

If the vehicle is a leased vehicle, the owner of a leased vehicle for which a citation is issued for failure to pay a toll is not responsible for payment of the citation.


Additional Information: