Safety Warnings

Phone Solicitation Warning


FHP stations throughout Florida have received numerous complaints from the public concerning the solicitation of money alleged to be for the Florida Highway Patrol.

The Florida Highway Patrol does not endorse any solicitation made on its behalf. Troopers are prohibited by law from engaging in solicitation activities. Trooper’s salaries, equipment and benefits, including death benefits, education, insurance, etc., are provided through state general revenue appropriations as authorized by the Florida Legislature.

There are a number of legitimate fraternal organizations who operate in Florida and engage in lawful solicitation activities. However, there are a number of fraudulent telemarketing operations which have surfaced in Florida and misrepresent themselves as Florida Highway Patrol employees. Contributions are not sanctioned or authorized by the FHP, and those fraternal organizations using the Patrol’s name are not part of the agency.

If you question the legitimacy of a call, you should ask the caller to mail you some identifying literature to establish the credibility of the soliciting organization. You may also call the Division of Consumer Services in the Department of Agriculture, if you have any questions regarding solicitation practices. Their toll free number is 800-435-7352.

You may also contact the Florida Highway Patrol by calling your local FHP station.