Motor Vehicle Fraud

Title Fraud

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Title fraud occurs when a person alters a vehicle title to misrepresent the true condition of a vehicle or provides false information to obtain a vehicle title, including forgery. Consumers should never keep their title in the vehicle.

Before purchasing a vehicle:

  • If the title is paper, check for signs of tampering including erasure marks or misspellings. If the title is electronic, visit the FLHSMV Motor Vehicle Information Check.
  • Compare the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the vehicle to the VIN on the title. They must match.
  • Verify the seller’s information on their driver license or ID card to ensure it matches the name on the title.

DHMSV encourages consumers to take advantage of the electronic title service to reduce title fraud and receive faster lien satisfaction notification. For more information on electronic titles, click here.

If you suspect you have become a victim of title fraud, please complete form HSMV 80122, Suspected or Reported Title and Registration Fraud. Mail, fax or email the completed form and all supporting documents to:

Motorist Services Support
Motor Vehicle Fraud Unit
Room C208/MS69, Neil Kirkman Building
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Phone: 850-617-2907
Fax: 850-617-3952


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