Motor Vehicle Fraud

Title Fraud

Title fraud occurs when a person alters a vehicle title to misrepresent the true condition of a vehicle or provides false information to obtain a vehicle title, including forgery. Consumers should never keep their title in the vehicle.

Before purchasing a vehicle:

  • If the title is paper, check for signs of tampering including erasure marks or misspellings. If the title is electronic, visit the FLHSMV Motor Vehicle Information Check.
  • Compare the vehicle identification number (VIN) on the vehicle to the VIN on the title. They must match.
  • Verify the seller’s information on their driver license or ID card to ensure it matches the name on the title.

If you suspect you have become a victim of title fraud, please complete form HSMV 80122, Suspected or Reported Title and Registration Fraud. Mail, fax or email the completed form and all supporting documents to:

Motorist Services Support
Motor Vehicle Fraud Unit
Room B361/MS69, Neil Kirkman Building
Tallahassee, FL 32399

Phone: 850-617-2907
Fax: 850-617-3952


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