Privacy Statement

Driver Privacy Protection Act

Under Florida law, motor vehicle, driver license and vehicular crash record information are public information. The Driver Privacy Protection Act, 18 United States Code, Section 2721, keeps your personal information private by limiting those who can have it. The department automatically blocks personal information in all motor vehicle and driver license records that we maintain. You do not need to do anything to have your personal information protected.


Personal information covered by DPPA

DPPA restricts public access to your social security number, driver license or identification card number, name, address, telephone number and medical or disability information, contained in your motor vehicle and driver license records.  Additionally, emergency contact information and email addresses are restricted pursuant to Section 119.0712(2), Florida Statutes.

Information not covered by DPPA

Non-personal information contained in motor vehicle and driver license records such as vehicular crash records, driving violations and driver status information are considered public information.

Obtaining personal information from my own driver license or motor vehicle records
(For example, I want to obtain my driver history record including my personal information.)

You may request personal information from your own driver license or motor vehicle record by fully completing, signing and mailing the request form to the address indicated on the top of the forms below:

For driver record request, complete Form 90511

For motor vehicle record request, complete Form 90510

Obtaining personal information from someone else’s record

You can obtain someone else’s personal information only if you meet an exemption covered by law. The exemptions are listed on the motor vehicle and driver record request forms.  If you do request someone’s personal information, please be sure to include the appropriate exemption in the space provided on the form.

Who can access my personal information?

Law enforcement agencies have access to personal information contained in motor vehicle and driver license records in order to carry out their functions.

Other individuals and companies that meet an exemption, for example:

  • Auto Manufacturers (for recalling vehicles or parts)
  • Government agencies or private companies (to verify accuracy of personal information)
  • Towing Companies (to notify owners of towed or impounded vehicles)
  • Companies (like a bus lines, verifying information on their commercial drivers)
  • Any person or agency that you have given written permission

To report suspected misuse, please click here to submit a complaint form. If you need general customer support for all other issues, please use our Customer Service Portal.


Florida Statute 119.0712(2)
Federal Statute 18 USC 2721